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Tap Shoes Low Heel White Canvas with Toe Taps - CLEARANCE

Tap Shoes Low Heel White Canvas with Toe Taps - CLEARANCE

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These shoes are made from durable white canvas with a low heel, resin sole.
Laces Included and fitted with standard toe taps.


They are all new and unworn, however some pairs have been on display or used to show at manufacturer shows etc. There are no signs of wear or creases, but there may be odd dust tarnishes which can be cleaned and removed.


Cabretta Leather. Canvas. Eva Shock Insole.

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Care Instructions

As our shoes are leather they should not be cleaned in the washing
machine. Often, just a spot clean will do—if you notice a couple of
spots on their ballet shoes dampen a soft cloth with water and dab or
rub the spot gently to remove it.

Baby wipes can also be good to gently rub off any stubborn scuff
marks—before using baby wipes we recommend doing a spot test on a small
patch of the leather to make sure it doesn’t remove the colour or stain.

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